7-on-7 Competitive Youth Flag Football this FALL at the LANCO Fieldhouse


Competitive Boys Flag Football at the LANCO Fieldhouse!






The Lancaster Football Association (LFA) will not place individual registrants on teams. Rather, the LFA acts as a facilitator wherein the LFA will provide individual registrants with team contact information. The LFA does not recommend nor endorse any team/coach.  

To register as a player WITHOUT a team please complete PART II of the registration form.


Upon receipt, the LFA will provide you with coaches contact information. It is your responsibility to contact the coach and determine whether or not join that team.  


The simplest course of action is to form your own team and recruit players. Your team will be included in the coaching list seeking additional players, if any. Typically, there are plenty of players in need of a team. You can form a team with a core group of as little as three players. Team slots will then be filled with non-team affiliated players, who will contact you seeking to join your team.

To register a team or to form a team complete PART I and PART II of the registration form.


NOTE: Each team must have a minimum of nine (9) players. It is highly recommended that teams consist of 10-12 players.


Fall Season: Registration opens May 15 and closes August 1 (or when all teams are full - whichever comes first).


Spring Season: Registration opens November 15 and closes February 15 (or when all teams are full - whichever comes first).






Fall Season begins the weekend after Labor Day and ends on or about the last weekend in October or early November.


Spring Season begins mid-late March and ends on or about Memorial Day.


No games played during Easter weekend.


Games are played Saturday/Sunday afternoons with 12 noon - 4 p.m. kickoff times.


All games are played at the Lanco Fieldhouse located in East Petersburg, PA. Their contact information is / 717-560-0717. You are encouraged to visit their website and learn more about their facility.  




The LFA uses a 7-on-7 format and a typical team has anywhere from 10-14 players.
There are three divisions in the LFA based upon school grade and not by age group:  


             Junior (K-2nd grades) Youth (3rd-5th grades) Teen (6th-8th grades)  


There are eight (8) guaranteed games - 7 regular season games and a playoff game or
a consolation game (depending if your team advances to the playoffs).  


The Championship Game will be the ninth game, if applicable.

Game schedules will be announced once registrations are closed.

All schedules are subject to change - advance notice given for any scheduled changes.  


Games consists of two 25 minute halves with a 3 minute halftime period; games are officiated
using PIAA and LFA officials with modified PIAA football rules for flag football.
See the Division Rules located in the above tabs for more information.  





Solid black shorts, turf cleats (recommended), and a mouth guard. The LFA will provide team colored tee shirts, flag belts, footballs and other game day equipment  



The LFA does not provide practice equipment.  


To register please complete the following forms (download from the tabs above) and return to the address listed on the LFA Registration Form:  


1. Registration Form
2. Combined Waiver Form
3. Code of Conduct Form
4. $105 payment to “Lancaster Football Association.”  


Please contact Joe Galante, LFA Director with any questions (892-7098) or via email:  


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